Inspired by nature, beauty is all around. 

I’m sharing the joy I feel from being outside

When I’m not outside I’m sewing and drawing and I have lots of cute little bags for sale featuring my own illustrations

Perfect for animal and nature lovers and all handmade by me in Boreham, Essex. UK

I’m often raising money for a variety of causes from the sales of these bags and it feels great to do something positive.

I call it handmade cute that doesn’t cost the earth because I am thinking of the environment and reusing, recycling, reducing waste and using ethical environment friendly printing companies based in the U.K

Please note that this is not a fast and furious e-commerce website.

I make bags and different cute designs as a hobby and then sometimes sell them for charity. I am rather good at keeping things simple and efficient though so please do get in touch to buy from me and you won’t be disappointed.

The best way to contact me is by using the form below.

    Thanks very much for visiting.

    Lou Louise

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